NEERAJ SAHAY (Director of Photography)

Neeraj Sahay graduated from FTII, Pune in 2000. He has since worked on various feature films, commercials and documentaries. He recently finished a feature film, 10 ml Love, an adaptation of Shakespeare's, A Midsummer Night's Dream directed by Sharat Katariya.

He is currently finishing a docu-feature with director, Kumar Shahani. Both were shot on 35mm.

For Do Pahar, Neeraj has used the EX3 with UltraPrime lenses to 'knock the hell out of the digital image with pushing its response vis-a-vis lighting for film/emulsion'.

Why Do Pahar?

Do Pahar is a very unusual narrative. The quirkiness of the two characters, faced in their own ways with epic dilemmas is very engaging. And that this should play out in the 'short course' of one day…

And that just this one day / afternoon would allude to a lifetime, for each character, was a necessary visual approach to the film. To let an afternoon render itself in differing light, sometimes to linger, sometimes to flee, sometimes to reveal and occasionally to conceal... all was etched into the cinematic situation. The use of a 'large-screen' language, on a very small digital chip, lent an 'unusual proximity' with the characters, without exposing them to interrogation. All this fell in consonance with the numerous conversations with the mother-daughter duo who have written and directed the film.

The team that worked with me were very accomplished in translating all this into its nuts and bolts! And working with such superb actors was the windfall profit!